Hôm nay, cùng Home giải quyết đề IELTS WRITING TASK 1 – THE PROCESS OF RECYCLING PLASTIC BOTTLES (Quy trình tái chế chai nhựa) nhé!

1. Đề bài

The diagram below shows the process for recycling plastic bottles.


2. Writing Sample

The diagram depicts how plastic bottles are recycled.

Overall, it is clear that this circular process is comprised of 9 main steps, commencing with collecting used bottles and culminating in turning them into a novel raw material for manufacturing different items.

The process begins when the used plastic bottles are placed in a designated recycling bin, prior to being loaded into specialized garbage trucks. After that, the bottles are transported to the recycling center where they are sorted/classified by hand and then compressed tightly to form blocks. In the subsequent step, such blocks of plastic bottles are crushed into small pieces before being washed to remove any dirt and impurities.

Once being cleaned, the pieces of plastic are first poured into a machine that turns them into pellets. These pellets are then heated in order to create a raw material that can be used in the manufacture of products ranging from clothes and bottles to containers and pencils. These items are themselves recyclable and the process begins again.

(Writing Sample by Tyler – 8.0 Overall)

3. Từ mới

  • depict (v): thể hiện
  • circular process: quy trình hình tròn
  • commence (v): bắt đầu
  • culminate (v): kết thúc
  • novel (adj): mới
  • designate (v): chỉ định
  • specialized (adj): chuyên dụng
  • tightly (adv): chắc chắn / chặt chẽ
  • recyclable (adj): có thể tái chế

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